Canadian English Bibliography
We have compiled a searchable database of every available publication related to Canadian English. Entries from this bibliography can be sources via the name of the author, title, publication, or various keywords.

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"Canajun, Eh? An Audio Collection of Canadian dialects for the Actor"
A recording of non-actor voices speaking in local dialects. There are 42 samples of speech from Newfoundland to British Columbia collected by David Ferry. For more information click here.
Available in Toronto at Theatre Books (near Bay & Bloor; 1-800-361-3414 or and Playwrights Union of Canada (Ryerson Ave.).


1. "Canadian Experience: Talking Canadian"
A part of "The Candian Experience" series of CBC documentaries, "Talking Canadian" was aired in 2004. It takes an often-amusing look at the Canadian accent, intonation and vocabulary how Canadians speak today, and how they will talk in the future. For more information click here.

2. "Dialects of Canadian English"
Dialects of Canadian English is a 23-minute instructional video designed to provide an overview of English as it is spoken across the wide expanse of the Canadian landscape. al characteristics of Canadian English. Made by John Archibald at the University of Calgary, Department of Communications Media. For more information click here.

3. "Pioneer O Pioneer" - History of English, Vol. 6.
There are about 6 minutes dedicated to Canadian English, approximately 6 minutes into the programme.