Courses relating to Canadian English are offered at the following Universities:
 Queen's University  University of Manitoba
 University of New Brunswick  University of Toronto
 University of Victoria  York University

 University of New Hampshire  

Queen's University [] ^

Linguistics - Canadian English (LING 202)

This course investigates the distinctive characteristics of Canadian English as it is spoken and written today. Topics include historical development, regional dialects, and current changes. Students will have access to the extensive bibliographic and computer corpus resources of the Strathy Language Unit.

University of Manitoba [] ^

Linguistics - Special Topics: Perspectives on Canadian English (126.382 L01/03R)

In this course we critically examine the methodologies brought to the study of Canadian English.  We try to tease apart the ‘known', the ‘believed', and the ‘reported', particularly as regards:  origins and history of English in Canada; comparisons with other dialects of English; description of varieties of Canadian English; language, attitudes, and (anglophone) Canadian identity.

University of New Brunswick [] ^

Fredericton Campus
Linguistics/English - Linguistic Introduction to Canadian English (LING 3006/ENGL3006)

Introduces various ways of describing the structure, especially syntactic, of language. English, specifically Canadian English, is used as a model. Assumes some acquaintance with linguistic analysis; students will normally have taken either LING 2401 (Introduction to Language) and 3411 (Phonetics and Phonemics) or ENGL 3010 (History of the English Language).

University of Toronto [] ^

St. George Campus
Linguistics - Canadian English (LIN 201)

A study of the structures of several dialects of English spoken in Canada, and of their history and affiliations.

University of Victoria
[] ^

Linguistics - Canadian English & Dialectology (LING 392)

An examination of the methods used to research and analyze regional and social dialects, with a focus on research on Canadian English. The distinctive features of Canadian English vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation will be examined along with an overview of the historical factors that have given rise to those features.

York University
[] ^

Glendon Campus
Linguistics/English - Studies in Canadian English (GL/EN/LIN 4610)

This course examines literary and non-literary varieties of Canadian English.

University of New Hampshire [] ^

Linguistics/English - Special Topic: Language Variation in Canada (LING/ENGL 790/890)

Linguistic variation in Canada will be explored by comparison and contrast with U.S. linguistic patterns. Students will examine languages and dialects which are associated with a particular region, culture, and/or ethnic group in Canada. We will investigate ways that language represents the identity of both individual speakers and the groups to which they belong. Canada is a rich environment for sociolinguistic investigation, because there is every possible type of language contact situation imaginable. Beyond the well known debate over French and English use in Quebec, there are places where French is the minority language, where other immigrant languages are well represented, and where Native languages are still used.

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